28 May 2013

I Depend on Me?

The name Miss Mondial has always been inseparable from one particular motto: I Depend on Me! Being a career woman with a streak of workahilism, this is something I can really relate to. Having a well-paying job and finding out that you’re quite good at it feels really empowering. But it’s not just about becoming a modern, independent woman, and more about actually being a dependable adult…

Now, being independent (including being financially independent, of course) is a worthwhile endeavor. I worked a long way to being able to pay my own bills and finding out for the first time that I can indulge in something extra nice with my own money is a great feeling. More than that, though, I cherish my growth into a dependable individual. Part of it naturally comes from having a job. If your colleagues can’t depend on you to do your share of the work, your career won’t go anywhere, no? The other part is the awesome realization that I now can depend on myself, even when it’s for something trivial like, say, rewarding myself with a batch of cupcakes after finishing a particularly challenging project…

Another thing I learned is that being an ‘I Depend on Me!’ woman isn’t always about having a successful career. I mean, just look at a typical fulltime housewife. Unless she has an army of hired help, she would be a cook, laundress, janitor, and babysitter. On top of that, she’d also be the family general manager, director of finance, home economist, head of training (whether it’s potty training her kids or teaching her husband to put the toilet seat down), house engineer, logistics supervisor, and counselor. Plus, she’s also her own secretary, and probably her husband’s executive assistant. One could argue that a housewife, by the very definition of the word, can’t really be ‘independent’. Semantics aside, though, your typical ‘boring’ housewife is the very definition of dependability… don’t you agree?




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