I love my job. Well, I don’t always get along with ‘waking up early each day’, and I’m also not exactly fond of deadlines. But overall, I love doing what I do. And if I look back at my journey as a worker up till now, there’s one thing that has always been a source of comfort whenever and wherever I work: my colleagues.

I’ve had people tell me that you shouldn’t get too familiar with the people you work with. Yeah, whatever. Maybe I’m just lucky, but so far, all of my colleagues have been awesome. Sure, there may be one or two who annoyed the heck out of me, and I’m not exactly an expert in socializing, but in all the positions I’ve ever held till now, I’ve always felt that my colleagues had my back.

Bosses and managers, on the other hand—now, that’s a different story. Some were okay, some were awesome, but I’ve met quite a few screamers, supervisors who simply had to micromanage everything, and those who had no clue what the job was all about. But after even the worst tirade or temper tantrum thrown by a particularly nasty boss, I can always count on my workmates to laugh it off and smile at each other as if saying, “Yeah, that was seriously crazy. Who’s up for lunch?”

More often than not, I was surrounded by good natured pros who knew how to make office life enjoyable. And that’s not counting the group lunches, the quick stroll through a nearby department store during breaks, the weekends spent at a colleague’s home to test drive her new Blu-ray player, the group visit to another colleague who has just given birth to a wonderful baby boy (and then ‘helping’ the new parents in handling the flood of cookies and fruit parcels sent by relatives), and many more exciting adventures and fun moments.

So, this post is dedicated to all the friends with whom I’ve shared office spaces, meeting rooms, and all the ups and downs of my career—and beyond. When I say that I love my job, what I mean is that I love all of you guys…



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