31 May 2013

Power naps, anyone?

Back in college, I had something most of my friends considered a superpower. Basically, I could sleep almost anywhere, anytime—even in the middle of class without the lecturer knowing about it. Bosses and managers, however, are usually much less forgiving when it comes to employees caught napping at the office. Naturally, I strived to stay awake at my desk no matter how sleep-deprived I happened to be. I have never been so wrong…

Not having enough sleep is actually a serious problem. I once saw a documentary on National Geographic that said something about how sleep deprivation could kill you sooner than starvation. But there’s actually a handy solution for people like me who can rarely get a full night’s sleep—power napping. Lots of experts are apparently recommending one or two micro-sleep sessions during working hours, and quite a few of my colleagues are apparently quite adept at this.

The theory is that no matter how well-adjusted you are to long working hours, you still need seven to eight hours of sleep. Only, you don’t always have to do it in one go. So, basically, you can pay off your sleep debts in smaller installments. Just not when you’re in the middle of a meeting with a client, obviously. Or if your boss is coming over to check on your work.

Now, slumping over your desk to doze is likely to give you quite a few aches and pains when you wake up. See, there’s an art to power napping that I’m slowly learning from my more experienced workmates. A car parked under some shade is one of the best options. Next up are bathroom stalls—cool, no bright lights, and a place to sit on. Conference rooms (when not in use, obviously) are also great. Oh, and experts at power napping also recommend that you act as if there’s nothing unusual when you’re caught napping in the office—like it’s no big deal, nothing to worry about, just you trying to boost your productivity levels.

So, I guess I’ll be in ‘training’ for the next couple of weeks or so… ^^



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