31 May 2013


Every so often I come home after a long day at the office … and promptly get back to work. The last time I thought of homework as a bit exciting was in second grade of elementary school—more than two decades ago. But then I also noticed that quite a few people are also regularly bringing home their work and pulling all-nighters to get things done, so I started looking a bit closer at my fellow ‘homework frequenters’.

Now, obviously there are those people who are can’t manage their work schedule or are just lazy, so by the end of their working day, they still have tons to do. But if they’re not working at the office, there’s no chance they’ll be working at home. Then there are those with freelance gigs or second jobs who start working after their main work day has ended—but these don’t count.

So, first up in line amongst working guys and girls who regularly have homework are those who are so overworked that they no option but to work at home after their office closes. Unsurprisingly, people in this group who aren’t really desperate tend to look for a job elsewhere.

The second group consists of people whose brains seem to only kick into high gear at night. Back in 2006, there was this graphic designer at the office who always came in late, never started working before 2PM, but never missed a deadline—being the night-owl that he is, his creative powers only turned on after sunset. Much later, I worked with a senior translator who would still respond to texts and IMs about work at 3AM. And then she would come in on time the next morning and cheerfully work throughout the day.

As for me, I definitely belong in group no.2. There are days when I would while away my time at the office browsing the Web or reading e-books because my brain couldn’t switch to ‘work mode’. But at night, all these creative ideas just started popping out of nowhere and I actually feel the urge to get my work done. Sure, there are also times when I simply had to continue working after hours because of deadline shifts or unforeseen projects, but me having homework is usually a result of my nocturnal working-habits, or if I think that if I rush a job at night I can spend the next day relaxing at the office.

And by the way, as I’m writing this, I suddenly realized, I have no right whatsoever to complain about having to do homework… ^^a



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