This is another one of my DIY projects that somehow turned out better than expected. My original plan was to make a tote bag, but somewhere in the middle of it, the project veered into clutch bag territory. Turns out it was for the best… :)

As usual, I’ve selected colors that go well with most of my outfits. But this time, the overall design was more about practicality. The bag itself is light and compact, so I can simply throw in my most essential stuff, and I’m ready to go.

Since it’s entirely made of cotton yarn, the bag is washable and also pretty durable. More importantly, though, since I’ve made it myself, any (normal) wear and tear should be easy to fix. I really hate it when I find a nice-looking bag only to learn later on that I can’t really carry it around too often or risk having it full of dents and scratches. So, again, I’m pretty pleased with how this project turned out…



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