In my last post, I wrote that the vest top I described was “[one] of the items” I bought on my most recent clothes-hunting trip. Also, I wrote how it not the type I would usually pick. Well, item number two is also something I don’t usually wear: a grey t-shirt with a large print of an owl…

Naturally, I found it at the exact same store, and it caught my eye for the exact same reason: the cotton fabric and the unusual print. Since it was a bit long, I thought it could even double as a dress of sorts. But when I actually tried it on, the hem didn’t sit right. It didn’t feel smooth and natural—to me, at least.

Still, I liked the overall style, and I liked how relaxed I looked while wearing it, so I bought it anyway. But when I came home, out came the scissors and the sewing kit. I cut off about 10 cm off the bottom, re-stitched the hem, and voilà… another great addition to my wardrobe.



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