Imagine yourself on a plane heading towards some exotic destination like, say, Portofino in Italy. As you make sure, for the umpteenth time, that your reservation for the plush and comfy Hotel Splendido is indeed in your purse, your mind wanders to thoughts of long walks along the pier, exquisite dining right at the beach, and the shopping adventure of a lifetime. The perfect vacation. But … a bit short on adventure, don’t you think?

Now, try to imagine the opposite. You’re flying coach to some small airport in Italy, and from there you travel to Portofino by train or bus … sometimes you walk carrying your trusty backpack. When you get there you stay at a small penzione at the beach in Paraggi, or you look for people renting out rooms to backpackers like yourself. Or you set up a tent right there at the beach. Not exactly cushy, but definitely exciting… no?

So, why should you take the more adventurous route? Well…

1. You’re still young!

As we grow older, we get more attached to routine. We get more attached to the comforts of clean sheets and clean bathrooms. So, if you’ve ever felt the need to break out and go on a real adventure, now’s the time…

2. You’re still young… and strong!

Trekking from Jakarta to Bali or across Vietnam seems, well, tiring. But, we all have more energy than we think. And while we still have those youthful energy reserves, why don’t we make some memories that’ll really last?

3. You’ll save quite a bit of money…

The backpacker’s way of life is quite cheap, even accounting for travel and lodging expenses.

4. You’ll discover quite a few wonders…

Ever watched a TV show covering street food in rural Thailand? Could it be really that good? Well, only one way to find out…

5. You’ll have lots of fun…

Vacationing off the beaten track can often be more exciting and fun than staying at a plush hotel. True, backpacking isn’t for everyone… but how do you know it’s not for you unless you try? :)



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