19 Jun 2013

5-star Camping…


I used to go camping with my relatives at least once a year when I was little. Oh, okay, to be honest, sometimes me and my cousins would simply pitch a tent on my grandmother’s lawn during the school holiday and ‘camp out’ for a night. Other times, though, I really roughed it out on actual mountains or real forests. Did it ‘build my character’ and ‘toughen’ me? I have no idea; but I sure enjoyed every trip and I know they did me some good. Still, after several hectic months filled with meetings and deadlines, the ‘sleeping in a tent under the stars and amongst the trees’ part sounds inviting, but the ‘getting mud on your boots and insects in your shirt’ is perhaps better left for less stressful times. And that’s why nowadays I go 5-star camping…

Yes, you read that right: five star camping. At the Tanakita campsite, to be precise. My first visit there was back in 2008 with almost half of my extended family. The first thing that caught my eye was the bathing facilities: individual shower stalls, clean toilets, and hot water. The food was also excellent; nothing really beats grabbing a warm meal from the campsite’s ‘dining hall’ (a large tent, actually) and eating under a clear night sky full of stars while a fire crackles nearby. An even bigger surprise came when it was time to turn in for the night: the tents were spacious, roomy, with foam mattresses and comfy sleeping bags.

Just sitting around the campsite and enjoying the greenery while looking out for the occasional squirrel (those things were HUGE) was already quite a treat for a stressed-out city dweller like myself, but there was plenty of other activities to do and places to go to: a nearby waterfall (you’d break quite a sweat trekking there, but it’s more than worth it… trust me), the Situ Gunung lake (crossing the lake with a rubber boat is actually quite fun), and much more. Still, the best part for me was the clean air, the green surroundings, the chance to relax, and the not-having-to-set-up-my-own-tent-and-wade-through-several-inches-of-mud-to-cook-my-own-rice part.

If you’re interested in finding out how luxury and outdoor activities can blend perfectly, check out www.tanakita.com





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