Going on vacation means that you can kick back, relax, and let go of all of your daily worries… well, except for looking good, of course. On the one hand, having to think about what to wear each day while on vacation is no fun, but there are a lot of easy ways to stay stylish without having to drag your entire wardrobe. Oh, and a lot of this go hand-in-hand with what we discussed on packing…

Layering: Did you stick with neutral-colored clothing items to cut down on your luggage? Well, you can still easily create the perfect holiday look with creative layering, like a cardigan or jacket over a patterned summer dress.

A dash of color: Spice up your appearance with accessories like scarves or belts—which can easily fit in one of your bags. But don’t stop there: pick out brightly colored bags or ones with ornate designs to add an extra bit of flair. Light, creamy blues and floral designs are usually safe bets.

Mind your shoes: Flat shoes and sneakers are the way to go. You’ll be up and about for most of your vacation time, right? So, leave those heels at home, and look for a pair (or two) of comfy shoes that look good and won’t kill your feet after several hours of zipping from one souvenir shop to another.

Bring a hat: If it’s warm and sunny where you’re going, a hat can be pretty handy; if not, there’s still nothing wrong with wearing one. And either way, a hat can be a nice touch to your overall look.

Ease up on the make-up: When it comes to cosmetics while on vacation, go for a minimalist and simple look. Since you might be a bit more active than usual, a casual look would better suit you. Besides, sunny weather can easily result in your make-up running off. And finally, instead of bringing along your whole make-up kit, packing extra skin-care products might be more useful.



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