Credit cards are incredibly convenient, sometimes required (especially if you shop online), and overall nice to have. On the other hand, becoming a cashless society comes with quite a few side effects, most of which aren’t really good. That’s because credit cards can make you:

Thoughtless: When we buy things with cash, we have to see how much of it we have—and when we have to hand over a large amount, we literally feel it. A credit card, however, is much easier to use. So easy, in fact, that we can easily ignore price tags since swiping feels just the same whether it’s for a single dress or a whole shoe collection.

Forgetful: Another thing about cash is that it’s memorable. Having just handed over a dozen crisp hundred thousand notes isn’t something we’d likely forget anytime soon. Swiping a credit card is not only easier, but also feels less significant—so it’s easy to forget the purchases we’ve already made and keep buying stuff that we want.

Unhealthy: When we scrutinize what we are paying with, we also tend to scrutinize what we are paying for. And apparently this is especially true when it comes to food. So, if we take the time and effort to count the cash and coins we use when buying groceries, we usually end up taking the time and effort to count the calories and sugar or fat content of whatever we put in the basket. When we only need to swipe a single card, we often go into ‘impulse buying’ mode.

Does this mean that we should ditch credit cards altogether? Of course not… only that we shouldn’t completely ditch old-fashioned cash (and debit cards) and be extra careful whenever the credit cards march out of our purses…



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