“If you want to win, play to your strengths.” In other words, if you want to win—become more confident, more self-assured, and thus more successful—then you need to focus on what you’re good at. Sounds pretty obvious, right? Actually, it’s kind of funny how we often overlook this one basic principle…

You see, quite often, we think about succeeding as overcoming our weaknesses, and then we focus on that by trying to identify whatever areas we’re still lacking and then trying to improve them. Or to put it a bit poetically, “turning your weaknesses into strength.” And to a certain extent, I agree. If we have some sort of critical shortcoming, that’s something we need to fix, but becoming an all-round player is not always the best path to take.

Winning with your strengths, however, is not necessarily about focusing on one or two skills or personality traits. If being multi-talented is your strength, then by all means improve all of them; but if you have a narrower and more well-defined skill set, don’t stress yourself by thinking that you have to expand no matter what. I mean, there are athletes who are good sprinters, others do better at marathons, and some shine in triathlons, right?

So, not everybody needs to be a jack-of-all-trades who can do anything and everything. If you can realize what you’re good at, what you’re real strengths are, then take pride in that…



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