02 Jul 2013

Risk is a friend…

Most of the time, we can actually clearly figure out the steps we need to take to reach our goals. But most of the time, we have no idea how to handle the mass of uncertainty and doubt that stands between us and our goals. In other words, no matter how confident we are of our abilities, there’s always this lingering fear of the risks we might face. So, we tend to avoid anything risky… when in fact taking on risks is essential for us.

Take, for example, learning how to drive a car. At first, it feels difficult, scary (oh, come on… let’s be honest here… sitting behind the wheel for the first couple of times is terrifying… ^^;), but we could also see it as a challenge, one that we want to overcome. Conquering this fear, then learning how to differentiate fear that hinders us (“No, no, no… I can’t switch lanes… too difficult!”) and the kind of fear that helps us (“Whoa, whoa, whoa… I’m going a bit too fast; better slow down…”), is what in turn enables us to drive confidently down the busiest freeway, no?

The experience of taking risks, of facing something that makes us uncomfortable (i.e., outside our ‘comfort zone’) is crucial in building up our sense of confidence. Risky doesn’t have to mean skydiving, or rock climbing, or investing in the stock market. We simply need to look at those things in life that presents us with a real challenge, things that give us an opportunity to do something with a questionable outcome… and to embrace the adventure of uncertainty. Besides,  the thrill of taking the plunge can be fun as well…



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