We all use our weekends to catch up on something we have little time for during the week. Maybe it’s a novel we’re trying to finish, or perhaps it’s our plans for routine exercise, but doing house chores is usually also on the list. Doing your laundry, grocery shopping, or cleaning on your day off looks like a pretty good idea—unless something more important comes up, of course. You can take your time doing them, and you’ll start off the next week with your pantry stocked, the laundry done, and the house clean. Sounds good, right? However, I’ve also heard from a lot of people who advised me to do the exact opposite. Here’s why…

First of all, chores can expand to fill just about any kind of time allotment. If you choose to focus on doing chores on the weekend, it’s all too easy for you to end up spending a lot more time than we had originally planned. You can always find something else to clean, wash, buy, or scrub, and since we have more time, we tend to go ahead and do it. True enough, starting your Monday with everything at home in order is a great feeling; but more often than not, doing all your laundry, cleaning, and even shopping during the weekdays can still get you through the week… even if not every single corner is perfectly spotless.

Second, considering just how hectic our lives can be, weekends are perhaps better suited for more meaningful stuff. Doing your laundry is of course important, but spending an hour or two hanging out and chatting with your friends can be more important in the long run; scrubbing the bathroom floor is important, but running a couple of blocks and then turning in early can be more important in the long run. Same thing with reading a novel, spending time with your family, etc. It might seem that you’re filling your weekend schedule with “me time”, but remember that maintaining your own health and sanity is also important if you want to give your best. Cleaning, shopping, washing, and organizing your home are parts of that, but it can also get in the way.

So, if I can make a suggestion here, set up a small window for chores, and then spend the rest of your weekend off for things that truly matter to you…



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