Long vacations away from home aren’t exactly cheap to begin with, so becoming the victim of a pickpocket or a phony ATM can be doubly painful. So, being extra careful with your money, valuables, and financial information can go a long way to ensure a disaster-free holiday…

Keep your wallet lean. Take only whatever documents and cards that you might actually use.

But take two credit cards. If one gets lost or stolen, you can easily report the loss and have the card blocked, while still having a backup card to pay for your hotel room, plane ticket, and so on.

Learn how to use the hotel safe. Obviously, this is not a standard feature available at all hotels; but if your room comes with a safe, be sure to make the most of it. Too many people have keys to your room, and bringing all your valuables with you as you go out is just asking for trouble.

Keep your cash safe. Not every shop takes credit or debit cards, taxis obviously are cash only, and so on. The fact is, you absolutely need cash when venturing from your hotel. But just to stay on the safe side, consider leaving the bulk of your cash reserves in your hotel room safe, then split your cash on hand and store it in several different places.

Another easy way to keep your cash safe is to get it from ATMs while on vacation. Now, other than being careful about where you place your ATM card, it’s also wise to look out for phony ATMs. So, always have your bank’s hotline ready in case you need to report fraudulent transactions.

Be wary of pickpockets. Don’t leave your bags hanging off the back of a chair in a restaurant or lying on the ground as you’re getting off a taxi. Also, hold your bags in front of you when you’re in a crowd or when you’re riding a public vehicle.

And finally, stay organized. You don’t want to worry too much about purchases and expenses—it’s your holiday after all—but you also don’t lose track of where your money is going. Same thing with your camera, laptop, credit card, iPad, and so on… always be aware of where your valuables and important possessions are at all times.



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