14 Aug 2013

Carefree Holidays…


Some people save up for long annual holidays; some people put their holiday expenses on their credit cards and pay for the whole thing after they come home; and then there are some people—really, really adventurous people—who would happily use up their entire savings for a single, spectacular vacation, and then worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. It’s reckless, totally irresponsible, and awesome… ^^

In a way, I actually admire these carefree vacationers… truly living in the moment and (usually) ready to bear the consequences. These adventurous souls would save up all the money they can (sometimes even working several jobs to do so), then spend it all on one great adventure to some faraway place. More often than not, they will go backpacking through areas that are definitely not your usual tourism spots. I’ve heard of people who went to Nepal, hitchhiked through several states in the US, or went diving along the Sangihe islands off Manado.

The downsides of this style of vacation are pretty clear: When the vacation’s over, you basically have to start from scratch. Finding a new job, living from paycheck to paycheck for a while as your savings are pretty much gone, and possibly paying off debts for several months to come.

But what you can take away from such a grand adventure might just be worth all the hassle. For one thing, it is an ‘adventure’ in the truest sense of the word. Without a pre-made itinerary, hotel reservations, or tour guides, anything can happen—some will be good, some will be bad, and all of them will be learning experiences.  Avoiding the costly rates of high-end hotels, famous tourist attractions, and airplane tickets whenever possible to get the most of your travel funds means that you get to experience a lot of sights and sounds that most tourists will miss: Train rides down the countryside, roadside stalls serving authentic regional cuisine, majestic vistas untouched by roaming bands of holiday-goers, out-of-the-way motels serving the best breakfast in the world, and many more.

Most people prefer a more stable lifestyle and more predictable holidays. But doesn’t it just tickle you knowing that you can actually leave everything behind and go on a wild trip around the globe? It wouldn’t be a wise decision, but it would definitely be fun



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