In this blog, I’ve often mentioned about backpacking and other ‘adventurous’ styles of vacationing. Of course, taking out your life savings to trek through Eastern Europe is not for everybody. But let’s be honest here: while we prefer comfy hotel rooms and warm beaches, the thought of doing something really daring, something really audacious… that really gets your heart racing, right? So, why don’t we try and feed that hunger with a ‘mini adventure’ or two when we have the time… ^^

See, no matter how romantic it sounds, backpacking across a foreign country is not exactly a great idea unless you’re totally prepared for a frills-free vacation and you have the street-smarts to survive unknown places. So, let’s try with something easier… for example:

First, let’s assume you live in Jakarta. Next, pick a day for your ‘adventure’ and then book a round-trip train ticket for Surabaya. The Bima line is perfect. You’ll depart at around 5PM, and you’ll arrive at about 5AM at Surabaya’s Gubeng station. Now, that’s right in the middle of the city, and the perfect starting point (and perfect starting time as well!) to explore the city, go to a mall or two, find a nice place to have lunch, and then hurry back to the station at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon for the ride home.

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a daring adventure to a faraway location where you only have your wits to sustain you. But it’s a start. You’ll be on the road (well, technically you’ll be riding on rails…) for quite a while which can be quite exciting (especially if you decide to make a quick dash to buy a midnight snack when the train stops at Yogyakarta), and at the destination of your ‘mini vacation’, you won’t have any kind of lodgings. You’ll be carrying everything you took with you as you make your rounds across the city until you scurry back to the station for the journey back home.

Again, it’s incredibly simple, not too adventurous, but still quite exciting (as well as quite economical). And who knows… maybe next time, you’ll be ready for something much more challenging… ^^



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