18 Aug 2013

Under a starry sky…


Imagine you’re on vacation… You’re surrounded by lush vegetation; the sun is shining but a cool breeze is always blowing; at night you can enjoy a warm meal while listening to the soothing sounds of a crackling fire; and you close the day while looking up at a clear night sky full of glittering stars. Sounds perfect, right?

Well, ladies (and gentlemen; if any are reading), that is the beauty of camping… ^^

Oh, sure; to be honest there are also quite a few not-so-beautiful sides of camping. Limited facilities, comfort levels below that of most hotels, mud when it rains, no Wi-Fi, and bugs—lots of bugs. But think of it this way: Vacations are supposed to be the exact opposite of our hectic and stress-filled lives, right? Well, that’s exactly how camping is. Free from the hustle and bustle of the city; free from the distractions of modern electronics (well, not completely… I’m sure most campers nowadays will be packing their smartphones and tablets, or at least a digital camera); and free from tight schedules and tight deadlines.

In the end, all it takes to make camping work for you is a willingness to enjoy the little niceties such as a hot cup of tea and a steaming bowl of instant noodles on a chilly morning. Believe me, eating a warm breakfast while huddling in your blanket and watching the sun slowly rise among the trees can make you forget about all the bugs and missed Facebook posts. Also, walking barefoot on the grass is the best therapy ever…

One big question for those of us not used to camping is “Where?” So, here are several easy-to-find suggestions:

If you’re in Jakarta and don’t want to travel too far, try Bumi Perkemahan Ragunan.

For those of you who regularly travel to Bandung, you can try Bumi Perkemahan Cikole.

And if you want the ultimate camping experience, go for the Tanakita 5-star campground near Sukabumi or Baliwoso in, well, Bali… ^^



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