19 Aug 2013

Health Combo…


As the holidays come to a close, I guess it’s time to go back to a healthier lifestyle. In other words: out with the rendang and opor, in with the fruits and veggies. Of course, carefully picking what you eat is only one part of a healthy lifestyle—albeit the one most people like to focus on. So, I thought it’d be nice if we could start off this whole get-back-into-shape-week by looking at the bigger picture. Just think of as the ‘table of contents’ of your lifestyle…

First up is everyone’s favorite: a healthy and balanced diet. However, ‘healthy and balanced’ doesn’t have to mean ‘green and boring’. It doesn’t matter how nutritious your meals are if you’re always grumbling when it’s time to eat…

Second up is being active all day. Are you getting enough exercise? Yes? Well, good for you. But don’t forget to keep moving while you’re not in the gym/pool/tennis court/etc. And stretching… that’s also important.

Number three: keep a positive outlook. Remember that old phrase, mens sana in corpore sano? Now, this is actually a two way street—a healthy mind in a healthy body, but also a healthy mind keeps your body healthy. And this goes beyond suggestion, as there is plenty of scientific evidence supporting the idea that your state of mind affects your health.

Fourth on the list is: make social connections. Without the support structure composed of friends and family, you can easily become overwhelmed by stress and even fall into depression.

And finally, we also have: getting enough rest. Yes, finding time to relax, nap, and sleep is no less important to your health than being up and active.

Now, there are of course plenty of other things when it comes to living healthily. But more often than not, these five areas can be a pretty good benchmark of how healthy you are, and it might be a good idea to look into these before we get into more detailed subjects… which of course will be the topic of my posts for the rest of this week… ^^



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