Brushing your teeth—that’s something we’ve learned to do way before we even learned how to read, right? And of course we’ve been diligently doing it every day, at least two times a day, especially after meals. Unfortunately, most people’s tooth-brushing habits are terribly wrong. Yes, really…

First of all: picking your toothbrush and toothpaste. Now, toothbrushes and toothpaste are two items of items that should be simple, right? But nowadays trying to buy either one feels more like trying to pick out a car or a smartphone. There are so many features and functions to consider: anti bacteria properties, reach, brush shape, and so on.

But according to dental health experts, any toothpaste with fluoride and powdered calcium (so, basically all of them) will keep your teeth healthy. As for your choice of toothbrush, despite what some ads claim, most dentists don’t think that there’s a significant difference between models. Basically it’s not about ‘what kind’ of toothbrush you use, but ‘how’ you use it. (Hint: ask your dentist, or look for ‘tooth brushing technique’ on YouTube.)

Second up is when to brush. Now, while brushing your teeth after a meal makes sense (you’re getting rid of those pesky bits of food left on your teeth), it does more harm than good. Problem is, the acidity in food and drinks can cause your tooth enamel to soften; so brushing after eating effectively strips the enamel off your teeth, which makes them vulnerable to cavities.

So, ideally, you should brush your teeth right before you eating or drinking. Better yet: use a soft brush, and focus on your gums rather than on your teeth. And how do you get rid of anything that gets stuck between your teeth? You floss… ^^



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