Okay, so you’ve just come out of the toilet, and naturally, you wash your hands—the proper way, since we now know how to do that, right? ^^

Anyway, the point is that after coming into contact with something as dirty as a toilet seat (especially in public toilets) and before resuming your work (or meeting people, eating, and so on) you need to thoroughly clean your hands. And then I found a list of other everyday items with bacteria counts that put toilet to shame. So, you might want to pull out your hand sanitizer (the alcohol-based kind, of course) after handling:

Money: Well, considering the number of people who’ve probably handled that 5000 rupiah bill before it came to you, it’s safe to assume that it has plenty of germs. Oh, and you know that most men put their wallets in their back pockets, right? Well, their body heat will ensure that any germs on their money will raise big and happy families…

Keyboards: A toilet seat in an office building has, on average, 7 germs per square centimeter. A keyboard has a bit more than 600. Better start investing in some wet wipes with disinfectant, then…

Phones: A telephone regularly comes in contact with your mouth and your ear, two places not exactly free of germs. So, telephones also regularly beat keyboards in terms of germs per square centimeter with a score of 3900… So, anybody know how to disinfect a phone? ^^



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