Getting enough sleep is important for your health… as anybody who has gone for even a day without can tell you. So, basically, all of us should be paying attention to the quality of our sleep (regular sleeping habits, proper relaxation, and so on) and also the quantity of it (8 hours a day).

Ah, but since we’re on the subject of quantity, apparently going over the prescribed 8 hours a day can do more harm than good…

Well, usually, I wake up with a splitting headache when I oversleep, and I guess that’s bad enough, but apparently, people who sleep more than 8 hours a day (naps included!) are more likely to experience something called “metabolic syndrome”. Now, that sounds ominous yet very generic at the same time, so I looked further into it, and found out that this is actually a group of risk factors that is linked to obesity, which in turn ups your chances of developing heart problems. Diabetes and strokes are also possible results. Still, it seems unclear whether this “metabolic syndrome” is caused by or causes extra sleep.

Anyway, regardless of what may cause or is caused by oversleeping, it’s still highly recommended to stick to the 8 hour standard—no more, no less. Besides, there are a lot more exciting things to do on a bright morning than tunnel beneath your blankets, right? ^^



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