Want to make sure if a bottle of juice or a box of cookies is healthy? Check the ingredient list and nutrition facts on the label. Want to make sure that you’re picking out the best vegetables and fruit? Check if they’re locally grown… Yes, local produce has many benefits over their imported cousins… ^^

Obviously, you’ll be supporting the local economy by buying local foods, which also have a smaller environmental impact. But more importantly, though, they’ll be much fresher, more nutritious, and probably taste better as well. Why? Well, think about it: by the time an imported apple gets to your local supermarket, it has travelled for thousands of miles for who knows how long, then spent even more time in a distribution center before travelling yet again to local retailers.

Also, in order to survive such a lengthy journey and still look fresh, vegetables and fruit for export are harvested early instead of at the peak of their ripeness. And let’s not talk about chemicals and so on that might have been sprayed on them so that they’ll survive the journey.

So, while it might be nice to have, say, seasonal fruit all year long, we’ll be doing so by sacrificing freshness, nutrients, and taste. So again, buy local... ^^



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