Do you have a cat? Well, then you probably know how to get rid of fleas, right? (Cat fleas don’t really ‘like’ the taste of humans, but they won’t know that until they try to bite you… and that causes horrible itching.) However, even if you don’t own a cat, your house could be frequented by stray or feral cats… and also their fleas. So, how do you deal with that? Well, if you’re being invaded by cat-borne fleas, you could try:

1. Vacuum your floor, carpeting (under the rugs too), and furniture weekly. If there are fleas, you might want to burn the bag…

2. Wash your clothes with disinfectant. It might be a good idea to also wash your bedding and carpets…

3. If you can find them, eucalyptus leaves can help deter fleas from entering your home.

4. Buy flea powder from a pet store, and then sprinkle it near where stray cats like to congregate. Cats usually don’t mind the powder, and if you’re lucky, they might sleep on a powdered area…

5. Are you feeding your neighborhood cats? Add a bit of brewer’s yeast to their food: fleas hate the smell…

Of course if you can afford the time, effort, and funds, the best option is to capture the cats (humanely), get them to a vet for a quick check up (including flea control) and to have them spayed or neutered, and then look for foster homes. Troublesome, most likely expensive, but more than worth it… =^.^=



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