‘Alternative’ medication doesn’t always have to be exotic, weird, or dubious. Quite often, these are simply all-natural cures that can help you deal with many common conditions. Or they can boost your health and help you feel better after being sick.

Now, we all know about common natural remedies like honey and lemon for a sore throat… but there are also plenty we probably never heard of, such as:

Spearmint tea: Two cups a day of this brew can help you fight against hormone imbalances behind hirsutism and acne.

Lime: Having trouble with migraines? The scent of limes can help soothe the pain. Also, cut a lime in two and then rub it across your forehead for some quick pain relief.

Honey: A spoonful of local honey can help you ease the symptoms of hay fever. No scientific proof on this one yet, but what do you have to lose?

Dirt: Gardening and other activities where you come into contact with dirt will expose you to friendly bacteria living in the soil, which help boost your immune system.



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