03 Sep 2013

Chocolaty pimples…


Okay, so, on my previous post, I mentioned about the connection between chocolate and pimples. Some say this is just an old wives tale, others claim that this is scientific fact. So, are there any hard facts about chocolate vs. pimples? Why, of course there are…

Only, it’s the “yes and no” kind of answer…

First and foremost: there are no conclusive evidence that links chocolate and acne. However, like I also hinted at on my previous post, the problem doesn’t lie within the chocolate itself, but in the sugar and dairy content of chocolate products—especially the sugar content. See, sudden spikes in your blood sugar levels can affect the functions of your sebaceous glands, which can lead to worse acne outbreaks.

So, the good news is that chocolate itself won’t cause acne. And the bad news? The refined sugars found in chocolate products (as well as, say, energy-drinks) can cause rapid fluctuation of your blood sugar levels that are very much pro-inflammation (including acne).

Need an extra boost in your fight against invading pimples? Stick to low-G.I. (glycemic index) foods such as yogurt, nuts, fruit, oatmeal… and reserve your favorite chocolates for special occasions. Well, that’s life… ^^



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