Green tea… this is, like, the number one all natural health drink, right? Well, not if you’re like me and you tend to get your daily dose of green tea in the form of green tea lattes with as much sugar as a can of soda… ^^

But anyway, green tea is almost universally considered beneficial for both health and beauty. So, the question is: what else can green tea do aside from providing seemingly healthy options at your favorite coffee shop?

- Green tea’s polyphenols increases the rate of fat oxidation of your food. More fat broken down and turned into calories equals weight loss, no?

- More and more skincare products are now using green tea extract. Why? Well, apparently green tea is a better antioxidant compared to chemical antioxidants or vitamins (A, C, and E) that are often found in beauty products.

- An increase in green tea consumption is believed to cause a decrease in blood pressure.

- Green tea can also be soothing and refreshing on your skin. Steep it in a bit of water (100 grams of green tea in half a liter of mineral water works best) and you can use it to wash your face, or you can soak cotton pads in the liquid and then use it to compress your eyes.

- There are also plenty of facemask recipes using green tea. One of the more popular ones consists of three tablespoons of mayonnaise and one teaspoon of green tea leaves. Mix the two together, apply evenly on your face (while avoiding the eyes, obviously) and leave for 20 minutes.

And that’s just the simple, day-to-day stuff. Green tea can also help people suffering from diabetes and heart disease, delay Azheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and so on. So, order a green tea latte if you like, but there’s much more to green tea than icy sweet drinks… ^^



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