When it comes to dieting, we tend to look for surefire ways to shed a couple of kilos in as short a time as possible. And sometimes, this means looking at some of the more unusual weight-loss methods. But don’t worry, the world is more than happy to oblige with wacky diets that are at the very least fun to read about, such as…

From France: the fork diet. For one meal each day—usually dinner—you can only eat foods that can be eaten using only a fork. Soup? Nope. Rice? No way. Sandwiches? Yeah, good luck with that. And no, you can’t cheat by cutting a steak into small pieces. However, meatballs work just fine, right?

From Spain: the sandwich diet. For either lunch or dinner, you eat only one sandwich, without any side dishes. Surprisingly, this kind of works, since having to fit a whole meal between two slices of bread means that you need to cut back quite a bit.

From Sweden: the caveman diet. There is this notion—still debated, though—that our ancestors from ten thousand years ago, before the advent of agriculture, ate a much healthier diet. This means meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and roots—but no dairy, grains such as wheat or rice, and definitely no sugar or other processed foodstuffs. But again, the benefits are still debated…

From Japan: the morning banana diet. This one is really simple, since you eat lunch and dinner like usual, but for breakfast you only eat one banana and a glass of water. What’s even wackier is that after a popular singer promoted the diet on national television, a shortage of bananas hit the country and Japan was forced to increase imports. Seriously…



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