20 Sep 2013

Midnight Snacks…


Amongst the hundreds of healthy-living tips I’ve heard, especially when it concerns people like me who often work late into the night, one of the most common is: eating at night is a big no, especially snacks high in carbohydrates. And, well, this makes sense, right? Well, yes it does… but actually the opposite is true: eating donuts at night might actually help you lose weight.

Of course, this ‘eating donuts in the middle of the night is okay’ theory is backed by pretty solid science…

See, when you feel that you’re full, it’s actually due to leptin, a hormone that tells your body that it’s not hungry anymore. When you stuff on carb-rich food at night, it alters the production of this hunger hormone so that you become less hungry throughout the day. So, midnight snacks are actually good for people who have trouble sticking with their diets.

But if you don’t like the idea of munching on donuts late at night, eat a big breakfast instead with a nice dessert to top it off—or to be specific, concentrate your carb intake in the morning. The result would be pretty much the same: you’re less likely to grow hungry again for the rest of the day. And what better way to shed weight than not being hungry?



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