I’m not exactly a morning person, and I usually manage to get up and moving so early only with the help of a good cup of hot coffee. Thankfully, more and more info is popping up nowadays in support of the notion that a cup of morning coffee can actually have a myriad of health benefits…

First and foremost, the caffeine in coffee is said to stimulate the brain and nervous system, which may lower the risk of developing mood problems, headaches, cavities, and even Parkinson’s disease. Oh, and diabetes too… since the chlorogenic acid found in coffee can improve sugar metabolism while the brew’s magnesium content can enhance glucose tolerance.

One final bonus: coffee is basically calorie free…

Of course, that last one only counts when you don’t load your morning coffee with sugar, whipped cream, artificial sweeteners… Oh, okay, a bit of sugar is still okay, especially palm sugar. Well, good thing I like espressos… ^^



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