15 Oct 2013

Brain Aerobics…

Want your body to stay young? Do aerobics… Want your brain to stay young? Do brain aerobics, of course… And how do you do brain aerobics? By adding something new every day…

Okay, most of us already know that to keep our brains functioning at full capacity we need to exercise it. By regularly tackling mental challenges, our brains can stay sharp well into old age. However, in order to be effective, brain aerobics need variety and novelty.

So, Sudoku and crosswords, for example, provide good exercise, but you might want to look into other activities you might also enjoy to keep you challenged. In other words, when you become familiar or good at a particular puzzle or activity, the benefit you get from it lessens considerably.

Looking for new mental challenges is of course not that hard, especially if you have a tablet or smartphone. For example, Lumosity for iPhone or iPad is a great option. Or, perhaps you might want to try if fine art can stimulate your brain? Then try out the free DailyArt—Daily Dose of Art, available for iPhones and iPads and Android devices



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