Talking in front of other people is not always easy. Still, you can easily find tons of tips and tricks on how to deal with fear of public speaking. But what about being an effective public speaker—especially when you have to give presentations? Is there an easy trick to do that? But of course… ^^

The most common problem with giving presentations (no matter if it’s in front of a huge crowd or in a small meeting room with only three other people) is that people tend to think of themselves as the star of the show. While this might be technically correct, it doesn’t help you engage with your audience: If you don’t make them the main characters of the story you’re telling, why would they believe in your message?

A handy trick is to think of yourself as a mentor instead of the hero. You’re not Helen Keller, you’re Anne Sullivan… or you’re not Hermione, you’re professor McGonagall…  

This simple perspective change can have a profound effect, and basically serves two functions: One, it takes away the focus from you (particularly beneficial if you’re uncomfortable being the center of attention), and two, the focus is then shifted towards the audience… and this is what a presentation is all about, right?



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