Pictures can trigger our emotions, right? Well, pictures can also trigger actual physical reactions. I mean, just try clicking on this link before lunch, and see how your stomach starts to grumble. Surprisingly (or not) the same principle works with our immune system…

There was this study conducted by the University of British Columbia that showed how people that were exposed to pictures of sick people (as in really, visibly sick… think coughing, skin rashes, and so on) would see a huge increase of interleukin-6, a type of protein created by white blood cells to combat infection.

In a way, it makes sense. Our immune system is of course controlled by our brain, and seeing sick people often means there are contagious diseases being spread around you. So, naturally, your brain will try to prepare for the onslaught of bacteria, viruses, and so on that might just be coming your way…

Well, I never said that this one trick would be fun or not icky, right? ^^



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