Imagine you’re sitting in front of your computer, an unfinished report (or thesis, or short story, or job application e-mail) staring back at you, and your brain stumped. What do you do? Take a short walk to freshen up? A five-minute coffee break? Well, there actually is a simple yet proven creativity-boosting method: dim the lights…

I can’t really imagine how they got the idea in the first place, but a group of German researchers did a series of tests where people were given creative problems then placed in rooms with different lighting conditions. The result? Those in dimly lit rooms did much better than those working under bright lights…

The theory behind this phenomenon is that dim lighting makes us feel free—our perceived freedom from constraints is heightened, which then helps us think more creatively. It’s as if the darkness entices us to let our imagination run free.

I guess this explains why a lot of my friends who work in the media are night-owls… ^^



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