28 Oct 2013

Killer Heels…

If you’ve ever attended a party in high heels knows that these shoes can be excruciating to wear. But, hey, no pain no gain, right ladies? Problem is, ‘pain’ is your body trying to tell you that something’s wrong, and that you might need to do something about it…

That high heels can be bad for your feet is not exactly a big secret… it’s just that most people aren’t fully aware of just how damaging they can be.

Wearing high heels means that your body weight is put on the front part of your foot, so in order to maintain balance the bottom half of your body leans forward while the top half leans back. This posture is not exactly good for your spine.

What’s more, most high heels are tight-fitting, which means that your toes will be jammed into a tight space. Some of your smaller toes might end up permanently deformed.

Still, there’s no need to give up on high heels entirely. Just remember to:

- Don’t wear high heels for more than three hours at a time.

- Try to alternate between high heels and more comfortable shoes; for example, wear sneakers while driving to a party then switch when you arrive.

- There should be no adjustment period for new shoes: they should be comfortable the moment you put them on.

Or put it this way: high heels are like dessert. You don’t eat ice cream all day, right?



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