30 Oct 2013

Dicey Footwear…

High-heels are the poster child of ‘painful fashion’, what with the possible damage to your toes that they may cause. However, the side effects of wearing high-heel shoes usually show up in the long term. If you want spectacular short-term damage, you need to look at a whole different range of footwear…

As it turns out, platforms, backless shoes, and clogs can be just as dangerous—if not more—than high heels. While they don’t cause crippling deformities, the elevated variants of these shoes can trigger painful accidents. Basically, there’s little stability in the back part of these shoes, so hitting a crack in the pavement or slipping means that you will be falling from a height that’s enough to cause twisted ankles, and even broken bones or ligament tears.

Thankfully, injuries like these are relatively uncommon. Still, it pays to be careful when selecting footwear and pay attention to what’s most comfortable for you instead of just what might look good.



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