Want to instantly create a different and edgy look? Just get a facial piercing… or two, or more. Sure, not everybody you know might approve, but a piercing on your lip, nose, or eyebrow is just another harmless fashion statement, right? Yeah, about that…

See, when you get a facial piercing, you run the risk of damaging your facial trigeminal nerve, which is closely connected to your cerebellum and vestibular nucleus. Put simply: a misplaced piercing might mess with your brain, particularly the parts that govern eye alignment and balance. So, a perfectly flat floor might feel and look slanted, causing you to easily lose balance when you try to walk. Dizziness and headaches are also part of the package.

The good news is that these symptoms will almost instantly disappear when you remove your face accessories (and will return minutes after you put them back on again).

So, if you’re thinking about getting a nose stud or eyebrow ring, remember that there’s much more at stake than just what your friends might say…



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