30 Oct 2013

Skinny and Risky…

I like skinny jeans. So, looking into the health risks of this type of pants isn’t exactly fun for me. But in the name of fairness, let’s take a peek at the horrors in store for skinny-jeans-wearers like me. Or maybe just the single, most severe side effect: serious nerve damage.

Tight pants are not only restrictive, but can actually compress your lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, which runs down your thigh. One of the functions of this nerve here is to register sensations, such as pain. But when it comes under constant pressure, it starts to report incredible pain before totally malfunctioning.

There’s actually a scientific name for this condition: meralgia paraesthetica, and it can cause things like numbness in the leg, oversensitivity to heat, and even atrophied tissue. To illustrate just how serious this neurological disorder can be, it’s commonly found on car crash victims. On the other hand, this condition is not permanent…

So, I guess looser is better when it comes to pants. And of course, loose pants doesn’t necessarily mean not stylish… as shown by handy guides like this one.



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