Eyeliners: a definite must for the perfect look, no? Well, there’s a reason that this particular makeup has been around for centuries. (Millennia, actually… they say there are records of ancient Egyptians using eyeliner as early as 10.000 BC.) Still, you might want to be a bit careful with this one…

As with many other fashion items, eyeliners comes with its fair share of risks. First of all, eyeliners are sometimes made using chemicals that can irritate your eye. The solution to this problem is pretty straightforward: stick to natural kohl eyeliners. Also, pay special attention to the inner corners of your eyes, as any sort of makeup in that area may cause blocked tear ducts… which will then lead to eye irritation and—in worst case scenarios—cornea damage.

Finally, it’s also best that you replace eyeliner products after three months.

Well, at least those are replaceable… your eyes, well, we do want to keep them at top shape for years to come, no?



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