01 Nov 2013


Sometimes even the most mundane fashion item can carry slight but noticeable health risks. For example: lipstick. Did you know that the average woman will eat between two to four kilos of lipstick in her lifetime? And that most lipsticks contain toxic metals? Well, now you know…

In 2007, it was discovered that more than 50 percent of lipstick brands contained traces of lead, and many may contain as many as eight other metals. Aluminum, for instance, is added as a stabilizer, while mica (which contains lead, manganese, chromium, and aluminum) is added to add a bit of shine.

The question is what happens when these metals— which are known to affect health— build up within your body through the years.

There is no reason to panic and dump all your lipstick… yet. But, it pays to be a bit cautious: try to pick up natural, organic brands of lipstick, and don’t overdo using it. I mean, there are women who reapply their lipstick up to 24 times a day… that’s a bit much, no?



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