It’s not just women who are vulnerable to the potential health hazards of fashion… men sometimes face the same dangers. Worse, one of the most damaging male fashion item is something that a lot of men have to wear regularly: neckties.

Personally, I’ve always wondered why wearing a noose around your neck is considered formal business attire. The analogy certainly fits: a lot of men (according to the Wall Street Journal, no less) tend to knot their ties just a bit too tightly… but this is enough to increase muscle tension in the back and shoulders.

Of course neck pain is just the beginning. Even when it’s only “slightly uncomfortably tight”, a necktie can gently obstruct the wearer’s jugular vein… which causes an increase in pressure in his eyeballs that is not too different from glaucoma.

As a bonus: ties are rarely washed, so they become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which is then conveniently placed around the neck.

I guess it’s a good thing that casual dress codes are starting to become more common…



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