30 Nov 2013

Post-holiday blues…


So, the vacation’s now formally over. I’m back home, my bags are unpacked, and the souvenirs I’ve brought back distributed to friends and family. I still have at least a full day to rest and prepare before getting back to work, but my mind feels sluggish and my body limp. Guess I’m suffering from the typical post-holiday blues…

One major obstacle that makes returning to my daily routines so hard is that there’s this feeling that nothing has really changed: come Monday, I’ll be commuting like usual, clocking in like usual, working on my usual tasks, going home like usual, then repeating all of that on Tuesday, and so on…

The good news is that supposedly, this is normal—and even expected—after a holiday, especially if it was a great one. And after a week or two (a psychologist friend of mine said that the average post-holiday blues duration is about one and a half times the length of the vacation… never thought there’ve been actual studies on this phenomenon) I should be back to my old self.

Well… at least I can look forward to weekend outings with my newfound cardigan, batik cloth, and boots… ^^



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