Social media is now an inseparable part of our daily lives… no? I mean, let’s be honest here: most of us would spend at least an hour or more each day liking other people’s photos, retweeting, commenting on videos, and putting up our own thoughts of the day.

So… perhaps it’s about time that we think about using social media more responsibly, no? Maybe put in a resolution to “think before posting” (or liking, commenting, sharing, etc.) Because social media can be a veritable minefield of social blunders. What kind of blunders you ask? Well…

- You might inadvertently help propagate a hoax. Check this old post for tips on how to spot questionable stories.

- You could be feeding a troll. Some people will post something controversial or infuriating just to provoke people into arguing. Don’t take the bait…

- Not everything is worth arguing about. For example, if a friend thinks that a movie you particularly like is “thrash”, what good does getting into an online debate with him/her for? Pointless debating is particularly easy to get into when it comes to politics, religion, and other hot topics. So, pick your fights carefully… better yet, don’t get involved in fights on social media. I mean, it’s not as if anybody is going to seriously change their perspective just because of something that they read online…

- Not every little detail of your daily life needs to be displayed online. Either it will be ignored, or people will sooner or later think that you’re simply looking for attention. There are much better ways to get “real” attention from people who really care about you…

- And finally, you could get in real trouble. The Internet abounds with stories of people getting laid off after posting unpleasant remarks about their workplace, colleagues, or bosses… all the while forgetting that those very bosses are in their friend list.  



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