Yes, yes, exercise is probably the one topic I’ve already written about the most. But when it comes to ‘finding balance’, there’s one particular approach I like: being in the ‘now’. Yes, that sounds really philosophical and deep, but no, it’s actually pretty simple…

See, we often exercise with a goal in mind: shed several kilos, tone your tummy… these kind of goals. But as these are (relatively) long term goals, we often lose sight of them when they don’t materialize immediately. And then we start skipping exercise sessions, we become grumpy, which then adds to our stress levels, and so on…

The solution? Focus on the ‘now’, as in, try learning to focus on—and later enjoy—all the little sensations that come with exercising. The thump of your feet hitting the ground, the rush of fresh air entering through your nose, the little aches starting to build up around your knees, the rhythm of your hands swinging beside you, the pull of your muscles as you start stretching…

Simple, no? Yet, after forcing myself to focus on the ‘feel’ of exercising instead of what I want from it, I felt much more motivated, a bit happier, less stressed, and much more confident that I will eventually shed a couple of kilos… ^^;



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