Today, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with our families and friends… which also means that it’s easy for the pressures of work, social life, and so on to follow us around.

What’s hard to come by is solitude…

Now, a lot of people mistake “solitude” with being lonely, sad, or antisocial… when in fact, taking a bit of time to distance yourself from outside pressure can be extremely beneficial. Put simply, solitude can help us:

- Unwind; constantly having to think about work, other people, and our responsibilities means that our brain never gets a chance to rest.

- Improve concentration; when we remove all the daily distractions and interruptions, we can really concentrate and focus—which also means better productivity.

- Find ourselves; when we’re always part of a group (friends, family, colleagues, etc.) it’s easy for our own ‘voice’ to get pushed into the background. Now it’s time to rediscover that voice of ours…

- Think deeply; it’s all too easy to see our daily to-do list as being endless… which prevents us from reaching our deepest thoughts.

- Enhance the quality of our relationships; spending a bit of time alone can help you better appreciate your connection to other people.

So, in this modern world that never sleeps, it’s extremely beneficial for us to learn how to disconnect and close our door to the world… just for a while.



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