A lot of people, including plenty of women, travel daily on two-wheeled motorcycles instead of four-wheeled cars or more-than-four-wheeled busses. This is sometimes due to budgetary considerations (motorcycles cost a lot less than a car) or practical considerations (motorcycles are a lot more effective in weaving through traffic than a car).

Unfortunately, motorcycles have become so common that few people—and sadly: a lot of women—consider bike safety as a big deal. So, maybe it’s time to change that, no?

Basically, what we have here are a range of motorcycle-related tips gathered from female bikers who have learnt—sometimes the hard way—that staying safe on two wheels requires a bit of preparation and attention…

1. Helmets are important… everybody knows this. But any motorcycle-rider should really consider buying a good full-face helmet.  They might not look “nice” on a lady riding a small automatic-scooter, but they offer the best protection for your head. And they’re actually quite comfortable as well.

2. Speaking of helmets: replace yours’ at least every five years.

3. Still talking about helmets: pick one with a clear visor that also has a scratch-resistant surface.

4. A thick, padded jacket is the best option for motorcycle riders. Better yet, get something in bright colors so it’s easier to see (by other road users, that is) at night or in other low-visibility conditions such as during heavy rain.

5. And since we’ve just mentioned jackets and rain, never, ever use one of those poncho-style raincoats. Get one of those two-piece rain jackets instead (a jumpsuit-style one-piece raincoat model is actually also available, but hard to find).

6. Using a stick or something else, check how deep the treads are on your tires. If it’s less than 1 millimeter, it’s time to get new tires.

Don’t go anywhere, though… more tips are on the way… ^^



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