And here we are, ladies: the one topic most people think about when hearing the word “survival”—at least when we’re not talking about how to survive in the wild. Yes, the “streets” can be a dangerous place… and this is the kind of danger that we might just come into contact with. So, what can we do?

First and foremost, there is no such thing as a single surefire strategy to deal with every situation that may arise “on the streets”, but there are several principles that hold true just about anywhere and everywhere…

Avoid: If you can, avoid being alone on the street, especially at night. Call a cab from a reputable company, carpool with your colleagues, ask a friend or a relative to pick you up… anything. Don’t think of it as adding an extra layer of unnecessary hassles to your (and other people’s) daily routines or “giving in” to a bad situation; it’s just being realistic.

Deescalate: Let’s take one of the most common bad situation that you could end up facing “on the street”: somebody points a knife at you and demands your wallet and valuables. What do you do?

Now, I know plenty of people with decades of experience in various martial arts, and I’ve personally met several who can be considered “masters”. And their answer when asked about this scenario? Give him your wallet… or, if possible, throw your wallet in one direction, then run away in the opposite direction.

The point is: As long as it’s possible, your main priority should be to keep the situation from escalating into something worse, disengage, and get away instead of trying to directly “deal with the problem”.

But what if you, say, take karate lessons? After five years or so of training in a martial art, muggers and thugs shouldn’t be a problem, right? Well, the short answer is a resounding “No!”… and the long answer merits its very own post. So, stay tuned… ^^



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