Well, that’s a good question, right? “Can one bag ever be enough?” Especially since bags aren’t simply things to hold your stuff… they’re also fashion accessories that can make or break a look. So, again, the question is: Is one bag for all occasions possible, or do you really need one bag for each outfit?

Of course, there’s no easy answer to this dilemma… but still, quite a lot of women (I think) end up with a very common solution: at least one bag for work, one purse for formal occasions such as weddings, and one for daily use. What’s interesting, though, is the journey towards this formula… ^^


First of all, while a lot of people do sometimes ask themselves if one bag can be enough, we all know that realistically speaking, we need at least the three mentioned above. With a bit of diligent searching, we can find one (maybe two) fancy purses to go with our party dresses. Same thing with our work bags—maybe a padded laptop bag (still useful even if you’re not carrying around a laptop).

In my case at least the real question is then “is one bag for your everyday needs enough?” (Everyday needs as in grocery shopping, going to the mall on weekends, hanging out with friends, going on company outings, and so on.)

Now, faced with this question most people (surely I’m not the only one thinking like this?) usually think about the cost and appropriateness of having a huge collection of bags. No less important but rarely brought up, however, are convenience and comfort.

I usually waste enough time deciding what to wear, adding “picking the right bag” to the process won’t really help. And, switching from one bag to another also takes time. Bag organizers definitely help, but only if all your bags are more or less of the same size.


Moreover, constantly switching bags means that you’ll be subjecting your spine and shoulders to a constantly changing burden—and we’re not only talking about weight, but also weight distribution, pressure, and other things that will change when the size and shape of the bag you’re carrying (as well as the length and width of the straps) changes. This can easily lead to discomfort and, later on, more serious problems with your shoulder, back, and neck.

In the end, after years of experimentation, I finally found one bag (a small, grey Kipling purse) that looks good, goes well with most of my favorite outfits, can hold just about everything I usually need when I go out of the house, and doesn’t really dig into my shoulder even when fully loaded. Add to that a metallic-silver purse that complements just about any party outfit I own (whether it’s one of my long black dresses or my kebaya) and my trusty laptop bag that I’ve had with me for the past five years, and we’re back at the three bag formula.


So, how about you? If you happen to like having lots of bags, I’d love to hear the story of how your collection grew… Do you follow the same pattern like me? Or are you able to survive with only one or two pieces? Either way your story is more than welcome here…



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