06 Mar 2014

A Touch of Fire…


Last week we had a closer look at Miss Mondial’s MEC collection. Today, it’s FireMark’s turn. Here’s the official description:

“Mondial FireMark Princess is the world's most perfectly cut princess diamond. The design and precise cut maximize the optical light performances of fire, brilliance and scintillation.”

Having trouble making out the technical descriptions? No worries… that’s exactly what we’re going to break down today.

Princess Cut: This is a relatively new cut shape for diamonds developed in the 1960s, and is now the second-most popular cut type behind only the ‘round brilliant’ (or simply ‘brilliant’) cut. Basically, the top of a princess cut diamond is a square with pointed corners, and when viewed from the side, it looks like an inverted pyramid.   

Fire: This is the multicolored flare of light that you can see radiating from a diamond.

Brilliance: Technically speaking, the brilliance of a diamond is the combined white light that is reflected from the surface of a diamond as well as the light that is reflected from within the diamond.

Scintillation: When a diamond with a good cut is moved, you’ll see flashes of light that appears to be dancing across your eyes.

Now, every single facet in a FireMark diamond has been carefully placed in order to achieve maximum light return. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that can easily be described by mere words or still photos. Fortunately, you can easily see for yourself how a FireMark diamond sparkles at your nearest Miss Mondial boutique… ;)



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