Office fashion usually boils down to various bright hues and pastel tones… well, unless your workplace has a strict dress code or if you’re wearing a uniform. Now, on the one hand, multicolored business attire can really help you stand out; on the other, the classic black-and-white look can be just as powerful…


Of course, making a statement in black and white means that you need to be a bit creative in choosing and matching patterns—after all, by ‘classic’ we don’t mean white shirt and black jacket. Artsy swirls or extra-large stripes of black on white can be a work flawlessly for just about any occasion. You could also try out a marble print dress or anything with yin-yang patterns.



Finally, don’t forget to extend your newfound black-and-white style to your daily accessories: A zebra-striped pair of high-heeled shoes, for example, makes quite the statement…




Image credit:
logoboom / 123RF Stock Photo
seannel / 123RF Stock Photo
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