Banners and posters with “SALE” printed on them with large, colorful letters is a surefire way to trigger our “hunting” instincts, no?  Of course, we also don’t want to go overboard and end up with a ton of stuff we don’t need… so, it pays to be prepared. How do you do that? Well…

1. Do a bit of research. Newsletters and online shops are the best source for sale dates.



2. Make a list. Shopping without a list is dangerous; shopping without a list during a sale is disastrous (for your bank account).

3. And set a budget—at the very least, set an upper limit on how much you’ll spend.

4. Focus on high-end brands and items you’d normally skip. That’s what going to a sale is for, no?

5. Before buying an item, ask yourself: “Will you buy it if it’s at full price?” Make sure you actually want the item you’re holding and not just the discount.

6. Leave your husband/boyfriend at home, or park them in a café. For the average male, sales shopping is as fun as unclogging a toilet. And yes, I asked… ;)

7. Wear something cozy and comfortable that’s easy to take off. You’ll be trying out a lot of clothes, no?



8. Look behind stacks, the back of a rail, and other hiding places. Some women will hide stuff that they might want to come back for later—and these are usually the hard-to-get pieces.




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